Pete Sandoval

I.T. Handyman

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Who I am & what I do

I’ve been in the I.T. business since 1976, when I joined the USAF as a computer technician. I worked with large military mainframes, then moved on to fortune 500 corporate mini computers (Data General / DEC), and eventually small business personal computer networks when they arrived on the scene.

I currently mostly take care of small businesses, typically with 100 or less PCs. I install & maintain their network infrastructures, and offer support for their desktops & applications – often being the liaison for their application vendors.

I also do a fair bit of SECURITY CAMERA installs & support.

If you need I.T. support at a VERY reasonable price, please give me a call. 

I’m concentrating on monthly contracts, so I can offer ridiculously low fees.


Pete Sandoval


Physically Serving: Fort Pierce / Port St Lucie / Okeechobee

Remotely Serving: Earth / Florida

NEW BUSINESS SETUP – Do it right the first time!

Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Email / SharePoint / Teams)

Desktop Applications

Windows Support

Remote Access Solutions

Avast CloudCare (Partner)

Help Desk

Network Infrastructure

Backup Solutions

Security Camera Systems